Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Pit of Despair

Here's the ridiculousness that the hording has become.  Mind you, I live ALONE and eat dinner out about 3 times a week.

Overview of the pantry...
- here you can see 3 shelves clearly, and a bit of the 4th:

 an extra cart:

If you think that doesn't look all that bad, let's break it down further:

1) The Peanut Butter.  I bought these at one of those warehouse stores, about 3-4 years ago.  All three jars have been opened.  The large jars are creamy-style, the smaller is chunky-style.  Coz, you know, you need to be prepared.

2) The pasta (this does not include basmati rice, brown rice, couscous or other miscellaneous rice of any kind).  Absent also are the jars of lentils-  masoor, toor, kali daal, chana daal, etc, and a big-bucket-o-unknown lentils (as seen on the extra cart above).  Just the pasta (which I RARELY cook as I mostly cook Indian food.  Let's repeat that:  I mostly cook Indian food.  So pasta's, peanut butters, generic steamed veggies - not so much.  But I have them, just in case):

Also, here's more from my basement storage.  A jar of peanut butter (yes) and a mammoth bag of splenda (why? "for baking").  Sigh.  Also probably bought like 3 years ago:

I haven't even included the spice area OR the fridge, as I've exhausted myself now. Keep in mind, all this is AFTER I've begun to implement my new year's resolution.  So there's been a bit of a dent in the Pit.  For example, two full pasta boxes are gone. Yup.....

Don't get me wrong, I've been cooking a LOT, but it's been fresh ingredients and less from the pantry.  So for the next week, full frontal assault on the pantry.

Wish me luck!  I effing need it.


  1. Partial peanut butter solution?

  2. Lal, you must be psychic! I made African groundnut stew last night. I'll be posting the how-to/recipe soon. Although the one's you posted are different and I'm eager to try them as well as I've got some more peanut butter around.

  3. another peanut butter solution...

    step one - get a spoon
    step two - scoop up peanut butter with spoon
    step three - put spoon in mouth.

    For dessert variety:
    Follow steps 1 and 2 above
    Step three - dip covered spoon into a bag of chocolate chips
    Step four - put spoon in mouth